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Awards and Features

British Journal of Photography Open Walls Arles - Winner

British Journal of Photography Leica Commission - Runner up

Subjectively Objective Award - Winner 

Fotofilmic Awards - Winner and exhibitor. 

Pylot Magazine Open Call - Finalist and exhibitor. 

C41 Magazine 

The Heavy Collective



Over the course of several years, I embarked on a journey traversing the length and breadth of Wales, capturing its essence in my project titled 'Still Here, Still Conscious.' Influenced by R S Thomas's evocative poem 'Welsh Landscape,' this visual odyssey delves deep into the heart of present-day Wales, revealing its poetic landscapes and the rich tapestry of its people.

Through the twin lens of my Mamiya C330, I sought to offer an intimate portrayal of the places and individuals I encountered along the way. Each image serves as a testament to the harmonious beauty and tender moments that define this historic land and its inhabitants. From the rugged coastlines to the rolling hills and bustling cities, I aimed to capture the diverse and eclectic character of Wales in its entirety.

Venturing off the beaten path provided me with a unique perspective, allowing me to forge a profound connection with my homeland. It was through these experiences that I gained deeper insight into the soul of Wales, uncovering hidden gems and encountering a myriad of captivating personalities.

Through 'Still Here, Still Conscious,' I aspire to share not just a visual representation of Wales, but a narrative that resonates with the enduring spirit and resilience of its people. It is my hope that this project will serve as a tribute to the beauty and complexity of Wales, inviting viewers to embark on their own journey of discovery through its captivating landscapes and vibrant communities