A selection of commissions for various clients including:

The Telegraph Magazine, Vice, The Smith Journal, Channel 4,

The Guardian, The Financial Times, Positive News Magazine, The Metro and Media Wales.

Vice Magazine 

Extinction Rebellion is a non-violent international movement that aims to achieve radical change to minimise the risk of human and animal extinction and ecological collapse.

The following images are from the summer uprising event that took place in the city of Cardiff. 

Positive News Magazine 

Sophie Howe, future generations commissioner for Wales is photographed for a feature for Positive News Magazine. 

Athleta Magazine

A feature about my personal project 'A swim into the wild' in Athleta Magazine

Suitcase Magazine (Photo Journal)

A feature about the Sagres region of the Algarve, Portugal for Suitcase Magazine.

BeKind Magazine

A feature about my personal project 'A swim into the wild' for BeKind Magazine 

Independent Commission

Actresses Saran Morgan and Mabli Jen Eustace are photographed for an independent feature. 

The Metro

A feature of Ray Vincent who has been named by Stonewall as the Gay Role Model of the Year due to his work for LGBT rights for The Metro. 

The Guardian

A feature on the Caldey abuse scandal for The Guardian. Extract written by Amanda Gearing and Steven Morris. 

In the bright sunshine, the monastic island of Caldey looked a picture. Visitors, young and old, hopped off the day trippers’ boats and milled around the abbey, the perfumery, the chocolate factory and lighthouse, occasionally catching faraway glimpses of the Cistercian monks who live, work and worship there.

For Mark, a retired public servant in his 60s, however, this was no holiday visit. Mark is a victim of the sexual abuse scandal that has engulfed the island off the south Wales coast since it was revealed in the Guardian last November.

Mark (not his real name) says he was one of the children abused by the monk Father Thaddeus Kotik during family holidays and described his return to the island for the first time in 35 years as “mind-numbing”.

“It brings back a lot of memories, bad memories,” he said. “I can’t think of anything good at the moment. I can only think of the bad times and I want to grieve. It [was] the home of people responsible for ruining many people’s lives including mine.” 

The Smith Journal

A feature on coracle fishing in west Wales for The Smith Journal 

Media Wales

British champion bare knuckle boxer James Lilly photographed in his local gym for Media Wales. 

Water Journal

A feature about my personal project 'A swim into the wild' in The Water Journal

Independent Commission 

An independent feature on the loss of great British traditions. 

The Telegraph Magazine

A feature on the devastating effect of Japanese knotweed in the city of Swansea, South Wales for The Telegraph Magazine. 

Media Wales

Bespoke handbag manufacturing feature for Media Wales

Independent Commission 

An independent travel feature about the southern regions of France 

The Circus Journal

A feature about my personal project 'A swim into the wild' in The Circus Journal

Cerebra Charity

A feature about surfing with a disability for Cerebra Charity 

FT Weekend 

A portrait on award winning Welsh wine production for The FT Weekend 

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